At WYNE CHYME (pronounced WINE CHIME), our products are all handcrafted in Brandon, Mississippi from repurposed wine bottles.​  Bottles normally tossed into the trash are donated by local restaurants and bars, some wine-loving friends, and even total strangers.  These efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle are to be commended -

​otherwise, these bottles would be destined for landfills where they would remain for thousands of years.  Small steps, such as this, help to minimize the negative impact our trash has on the environment we are passing along to our children and grandchildren.

​In 2009 I retired from a marketing career with AT&T,  and turned my pre-retirement hobby into a home based business.  The unique items I offer are whimsical and yet functional.   Each item is designed so as to stand apart from mass produced imports that are flooding the market.  Because all items are handcrafted, no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

​WYNE CHYME products have enjoyed widespread acceptance and are marketed throughout the Southeast. So, if you enjoy a good glass of wine, and even if you don't, our products are sure to fill your need for a unique and unexpected gift.  Be looking for our ever expanding product line.

​             Scott Davidson